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After trial and error, and some more error I finally finished making my webstore... I must of believed in magic before this, because I thought things just 'were' and didn't realize how much work it is to make the things you see online and to have them work properly. Anyway, it's up and working now. I have some nice prints and a calendar for sale so if you're into that sort of thing go check it out!!

link to the store----

Twitter account is &… had some people 'tweeting' pictures of mine and claiming to be me. Not cool!
So I'm in Hawaii right now, Oahu to be exact. My cousin said he would take me kayaking yesterday and I agreed. I'm terrified of the ocean so this was going to be a big deal for me. Sharks scare the beejesus out of me. I know its not rational but in my head the ocean floor is crawling with sharks that are just waiting to eat you. He tells me we are going to kayak out to this island about a mile away. So we get in the water and start the journey. You can see through the water and are able to look at all this cool coral, but I had to stop looking and keep my eyes straight ahead of me since this other guy next to us on a surf board said he saw a reef shark under us. I started flipping out, then my cousin tells me ' if we flip over sharks aren't what you should worry about. It's the eels that are dangerous. They will pull you under to the bottom'  That's when I really lost it and he realizes he's a jerk and tells me he was kidding. We make it over to the island and go exploring for a bit. I must of reapplied my sunscreen 4x. Then it's time to head back. Our water entry this time was not as graceful and I end up getting the huge s.o.b. of a kayak slammed into my shins. That really smarted! I also had put my phone in a ziplock baggie thinking I'm pretty clever. I guess the bag had a hole in it, because my phone was wet by the time this adventure was done. *Facepalm* My arms did not want to paddle anymore on the way back, that is until this guy on a single kayak yells 'battleship'. I'm not familiar with what that means so I ask my cousin and he informs me 'its when you try and flip over each others kayaks'. My arms immediately got a second wind and we were back to the shore in no time. When we got back home I put my phone in a bowl of rice, so fingers crossed, it will hopefully work again soon. A couple hours later my shins start burning, and I take my pants off to check it out and goodness they are really sunburnt with bruises (from that damn kayak). I didn't even think to put sunscreen on that part of my body, but when you kayak your legs are out in front of you (shins directly in front of the sun). I had such a Doh! moment...
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I'm on the cover and centerfold for Skin Art magazine. Isaac Madera was the fabulous photographer. I'm very happy with the outcome of these pictures! I went to the magazine stand down the street from where I live and was like OMG! That's me! It was very cool to see it next to all the other magazines. So if you're at a place that sells magazines look for it. I have big Peggy Bundy hair for the cover so you can't miss it. Skin Art magazine...yay!
So it was New Years Eve, went to a house party and had a blast, then a small group went back to Maw's for the afterparty. I thought it would be funny to kick my boyfriend in the ass as hard as I could and as often as I could. Didn't think to much of it till I woke up this morning and one of my toes is possible broken and swollen like whoa! Its really funny but hurts like a mother...all in all a great new years eve!!!
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